Private and Independent Schooling
Qualified and Experienced personnel with a teacher pupil ratio of 1:16
Bible and Christian-based instruction
Pre-school training and teaching; (2years {Potty Training} to school going - including Gr.0)
Audiblox, a perceptual enrichment programme for Grade 0 and 00
Fun-filled, stimulating theme activities
Musical stimulation with organ or piano and other instruments
Ball skills training;
Functional movement and gross motor movement stimulation

Preparation for formal schooling:-
A well-rounded and differentiated school readiness program is presented to the children in their pre-school years( 18 Months to 6 Years), thus preparing them for grade 1;

Parent Contact:-
The on going progress of each child is carefully monitored. Our staff believes in maintaining a strong link between school and home and offer comprehensive feedback to parents- namely interviews, consultations with specialist support services, parent evenings and a detailed tri-annual report.
Care and love:-
Our teachers at Genesis are committed to providing a warm, caring environment where your child will feel safe, secure and happy. We collect non-perishable food for people in need within our community instilling in our children the importance of giving.

Extra curricular activities include:
Manners 4 Minors, Gymkids, Dance Mouse, Soccercise Starz, Netball Divas, Playball, Musikidz, Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, Beaux Arts and Semas. (optional at an extra charge);

Extended-care facilities available from 13:00 to 15:00 and/or 17:00 every afternoon.