A handful of tips for 2015

I give a full-on thumbs-up to parents committing to make more time for their children this year. Children spell the word 'love' as TIME. So instead of saying 'next time I will attend the soccer game or the ballet-show', ink this important me-and-my-child-time in your schedule, share with them your commitment and then action it. Tilt that thumbs-up thumb a bit back and see where it points. Yes indeed, making time for my family starts with ME

2. NOW

I envisage putting my index finger on the table and saying to myself 'I need to live for and embrace the NOW with my family'. Live for the moment. Do not allow the anxieties of tomorrow to steal today's joy. Now is precious and needs to be treated that way. Who knows what happens tomorrow.

3. TEACH, not preach.

For most of us the middle finger is the longest and therefore I believe we as parents/caregivers we need to walk tall and lead our families by example and through teaching, not preaching. Remember, your actions speak louder than your words and what children see, children do.


I specifically put this in the ring finger as I want to encourage parents and caregivers to commit to being the gatekeeper of your home. Making sure that you open up your home for positive impressions and close your home for the negative. Take full responsibility for saying NO and teaching your children, through your behaviour, how to say no to bad influences.


I still remember my children making the 'pinky promise' with me when they were younger. Should we not as parents continue to make that promise first to ourselves and then to our children. The promise I want to encourage you as parent/caregiver to make to yourself is to trust that you can be that positive parent/caregiver you want to be to your child. Trust in your abilities and secondly teach your children about trust. Trust is a value and family values, value families.